A widow at age 24 in 1910 … continued

Something that I keep discovering is that people do not really change over the years. Some run and hide, some bend the truth, some will do anything to “save face” and I realize that this family is not really different. Seriously, the girl lied to a census taker? As if that has never happened…

So now I wonder…. if girl remarries in 1914, would you possibly think she may have divorced? Her child’s obituary said that the boy is alive, so we have two choices; either she divorced and got remarried, or she is married to two men at the same time.

The next morning, I am on the phone to the courthouse at the county seat where they lived and ask if they have on file a divorce decree for this boy and girl, and sure enough, they did! I ordered a copy of the decree, and they said that it would take two days to arrive because it was in their archives. I waited patiently, but was really, really anxious to get it in my hot little hands. Finally, the call comes and I head to the courthouse to get my copy of the decree. I read it and I am sure this is our boy and girl and child. She had claimed that the reason for the divorce was abandonment and he did not contest it. Divorce Granted!

But wait a minute!!! The census was taken in April of 1910, so she said that she was a widow eight months before she filed for divorce! I now see a road trip in my near future.

Time for another intermission…. and open that box of Junior Mints.


About Hunting Down History

Megan Heyl is a genealogist, researcher and teacher and has been involved in genealogy for many years. She is a member of NGS, APG, and several state and local genealogical societies.
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