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Megan Heyl is a genealogist, researcher and teacher and has been involved in genealogy for many years. She is a member of NGS, APG, and several state and local genealogical societies.

FREE Genealogy 101 Class Series in Zeeland, Michigan

The Howard Miller Library in conjunction with the Adult Education Center would like to announce a series of FREE Adult Education classes entitled “Genealogy 101”. If you have been interested in researching your family history, or have your research but … Continue reading

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Hunting from a Hamster Wheel – the final entry:

I wanted to let my readers know that there was a happy ending to the story of Hunting From a Hamster Wheel, and no, the hamster did not die. As you recall, I was in search of an obituary from … Continue reading

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The Peculiarities of Paw Paw

We all have someone in our family that has either a funny way of doing things or are just quirky enough to make others laugh without doing anything special. This is about one of those family funnies, my Paw Paw. … Continue reading

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The Case of the Lost Lady, or is it the Found Fellow?

I do not know how many of you need a break from your research to let your brain settle down or just to think about something else for a while, but I find that I need a good diversion once … Continue reading

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The Case of the Missing Memories

Not long ago I was visiting my Mom who lives just two blocks away. We see her often, but we usually just pick her up to go to dinner or shopping or to run errands, but don’t often go into … Continue reading

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Hunting From a Hamster Wheel

As you all know, a hamster wheel is a metal exercise contraption that you put in your critter’s cage. Your pet crawls onto this wheel and runs forever while getting nowhere fast, while the metal squeaking of every revolution of … Continue reading

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The Case of the Relocated Ancestors

This case began when a family approached me to solve a mystery. It seemed that one of their ancestors, Maude, had been buried in Agnew Cemetery and later was moved to Grand Haven Township Cemetery. To deepen the mystery, family … Continue reading

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